Can Cousins Be Twins?

This unit in science we were focusing on answering the driving question through an animated video. What is the driving question you ask?


Odd question, I know. My partner for the project Alivia and I started brainstorming on how we were going to answer this in a story type way. We decided we wanted the storyline to be about a woman who has her daughter and niece with her, and can’t figure out who’s who. This was a funny and partially “realistic” approach to this project. We first wrote the script…

The script for the video!

Then starting making the video. This was a time consuming time we I had to draw all the charecters, do the animations themselves and edit. Alivia and I split this mostly evenly, and got to work. I used keynote and iMovie to make the video, and used Alivia’s sciency animations.

The stars of the video!

And finally, here is the video. I’m really happy with it. We get all the facts we need to get across while having an interesting story. I loved this project and learnt so much about twins!

Here is the video and a mind map of the information I learnt!

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