Edu Blog Challenge – Week 7

For this weeks blog challenge, I decided to make a video with all the clips I took in the summer. After you watch the video I will break down some of the places that are seen in the video. Enjoy!

There is a clip seen in the video of my brother swimming in this pool! This is in a small town in Tuscany Italy called, Vinci! This was the most amazing trip I have EVER been on. I went with the whole side on my moms family and we stayed at a villa in the middle of olive  fields! I spent most of my time in Italy swimming, and exploring the town of Vinci! Fun fact, its the same town Leonardo Da Vinci grew up in. His name literally means Leonardo of Vinci! Overall, amazing trip I would do anything to go back right now!


The next place I will be talking about is Hornby Island! This is a gulf island near Vancouver Island, BC. This trip was amazing, I went to the farmers markets, read books, swam, biked, walked and paddle boarded. I loved this trip. I will be going back hopefully!


Last but not least, Mayne Island. This island is near Hornby Island! I love me some good islands. I went to Mayne with all my best friends, and we slept in tents! Sooooo much fun. My friends in the picture are named Isy, Adlih, and Ivy. I had to stand in the ocean with my phone for this photo!



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