Edu Blog Challenge – Week 8

Happy almost December first! Tis the season! For this weeks Edu Blog Challenge, I am going to talk about my Christmas traditions. Before I start I have to mention, winter is my favorite season. The snow, baking cookies, being with friends and family, Christmas morning and everything to do with winter makes me very happy. Let’s get started!

(I made this drawing with the app sketches!) On Christmas Eve I spend the day with my dad and brother. We usually go for a hike in the snow or something along that lines, and then go home to make lunch/dinner. After those two events we open the gifts!!!!! We are Italian so we usually have something Italian for dinner.

On Christmas Day itself, my brother mom and I open presents in the morning. As I am the youngest, I am automatically the first one awake. We go in a circle and open presents one by one together, until there are no more. Then we go to my grandparent’s to see them and have dinner with them. Christmas is a really nice thing to look forward to daily, and I’m really greatful for my family and family being so kind and giving always. To end off this blog here is a photo my mom took of where we live in the winter time.



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