Edu Blog Challenge – Week 9

Task #1: Leave a Comment For Alex!

Hi Alex, my name is Luca. Im a 15 year old student living in Canada. I haven’t worked too much with coding, and I find it quite intimidating. Besides practice, do you have any tips for how I can become more comfortable with using code? Thank you for sharing your story, it’s very inspiring and outstanding! 

Task #2: Try an Hour Of Code!

For this section I got to play a fun game! Its basically a Minecraft themed coding game. Although I’m 15, I still love Minecraft so I chose this one to play. This game is really cute and well made. The little instructional videos for it, and the simple yet cool design of the game makes it fun and challenging (not too challenging but no too easy!) I recommend this game to anyone who is starting out with coding. Play it HERE!

Task #3: Try Some Code On Your Blog!

Switiching between the visual and text on my blog is really easy, but understanding it and using it can be hard and intimidating. Lets give it a go! After doing some research, I learnt how to change the colour on blogs! It’s so easy and makes the blog look so good! L O O K  at this! I used this feature on all the titles in this blog! You can find the link to where I learnt this HERE

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