Edu Blog Challenge – Week 10

*Sad Music Plays….* Welcome to the last Edu Blog Challenge I will be posting. I’m going to reflect on the experience by talking about what I learnt, and what I am going to do with my new found blog knowledge.

I went into the challenge thinking a bit too confident thinking “ha this isn’t going to be a challenge!” Oh how I was wrong…. Each weeks of tasks challenged my thinking and made me try new things on my blog. I participated in all 10 weeks of this challenge, and wouldn’t take it back the time I spent into working on them as I learnt so much. I received more comments than I ever have before on this blog. I normally don’t get any comments … (besides from Isabelle, my mom and Ms Willemse.) But for this ten weeks I had people commenting on my EDU blog challenge posts and my school learning posts.

I enjoyed writing the “your choice!” (Look at it HERE) Why you ask? Well, I’ve had this blog for almost 3 years now and not once written a blog post about a topic I chose. I could have, just never got around to it out of pure procrastination. I got to create a lil video, and talk about one of my favourite summers ever! I’m really happy I  learning  how to add this cool widget and to color text. As this blog is for school, I will continue to write blog posts about anything and everything I do in school! (Maybe even some extra fun posts…)

Thanks to all the lovely commenters who commented, and to anyone who just even read one of my posts, bye bye!


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