Hello Blog! Today I am going to be discussing the most recent project I’ve done, the ALGEBRA TILES BOARD GAME! Im going to explain my game, show the rules video, talk about some curricular competencies, and a mind map showing what I learnt this unit. Lets get into it! My partner Adlih and created a game called ALGEGO! This game uses algebratic expressions and algebra tiles to teach you anything and everything to do with algebra. It requires quick thinking, confidence in your skills, and hard work! Instead of me explaining it on this blog, here is a quick video to show you the game. Enjoy!



I’m really happy with this project, and Adlih and I learnt a lot. To show proof of my learning, here is a detailed mind map of my brain and its algebra knowledge I gained this unit!


To show  actual algebra tiles, I’m going to being using this…

1x² -5x +6 

Another way to get the (x-3) (x-2) is to take 1x² -5x +6 and think “what two numbers multiple to get 6, and add to get 5… 2 and 3! (x-3) (x-2).


I feel I strongly developed some thinking strategies to solve puzzles and games. Algebra tiles are just challenging to think about sonemtines. Numbers, letters, and shapes? Those definitely take thinking strategies to solve. Algebra tiles are basically puzzles themselves.

I also used mistakes as opportunites to advance learning. I have openly talked about how I want to achieve a higher mark in math class, and this project proves it as I used mistakes from the many  other projects I have done, to improve this one. Examples like the Solar Panel project… I took critique Mr. Gross gave me (to show my understanding of the math better) for this project, and through my mind map, algebra tile equation seen right above this, the video, AND the game itself, to make sure he sees I know the concept really well.

During this unit I feel I also solved problems with persistence and a positive disposition. To curate the rules for it to make sense while being fun, It took time and effort. Redoing, testing, redoing, testing… I also kept a high level of persistence up through the actual math portain of this unit. I did a math test on all of this, didn’t do so well, went home and reviewed everything we learnt, redid the test, got everything right, and now im here explaining it again through my mind map and drawn algebra tiles. All of those steps definitely show persistence and positive disposition as I never gave up no matter what!


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