Seattle 2018

This blog post is going to be about Seattle! While I’m writing this, I’m wearing a Seattle shirt to get in the mood. In early December my class, my teachers and I traveled to Seattle at a crisp 5:00am! We went to Seattle to dive deeper in our driving question for our unit, ‘WHY DOES IT TAKE A CRAZY PERSON TO CHANGE THE WORLD?” We went to Microsoft, Amazon, Centry Link, Chihuly Garden and Glass, the space needle, MoPOP, and so much more… So thats what I’m going to be talking about. What I saw in Seattle, what it taught me and what I used my new found knowledge with! Then ill show you the short documentary Logan, Daniel and I made.


We spent almost 3 hours wandering the city exploring the Amazon headquarters. The things I saw really stood out to me, so that’s why I’m talking about it. I noticed a strong theme throughout the buildings. Everything was very thought out and it seems like they really care about the little things. From handing out free bananas to letting workers bring there dogs into the buildings, everything builds up into this amazing campus feel. I can tell they worked hard to make it feel like a community and I think they were very successful. Amazon taught me no matter how big your company is, allways put the customers first.


After this Seattle, I gained a strong respect for Paul Allen and Bill Gates. These two individuals are so smart and passionate about what they do and it shows in everything connected to there name. I didn’t know how amazing Microsoft was before this trip as I don’t own any Microsoft products (besides Minecraft >:D) It was amazing to get a tour of Microsoft and everything to do with it. This company showed me if you are passionate about something, why not focus your life around it?


I was speechless while wandering this gallery. Chihuly’s art is something I’ve never seen before, so big and bright. I could have spent all day in that building. Outside was just as magical. Logan, Daniel and I wandered around outside In the gardens portion, and wow it was just as beautiful inside. I was busy filming with my group for the video so I only got to walk around for about half of an hour but it was definitely one of my favourite half of an hour of the trip! Chihuly’s art shows me no matter what you make, no matter what people say, you can be successful.


As someone who couldn’t care less about football, I’m surprised how much I enjoyed this tour of Century Link. Seeing something as big and something as iconic as this field was crazy! All the broadcasting rooms and rooms for the photographers were so interesting, and it all made me want to go to a football game… Century link opened my eyes to a whole knew world.


This place blew my mind! I was wandering around with Kai for a bit, then Isy and Adlih. I loved the fantasy room, horror room and the music making room. Everything was so well thought out and super engaging. Looooooved it. They had something for everyone. I want to go back one day and explore a little more as there was sooo much to see. MoPOP is amazing and showed me that YOU should create and share what YOU love.


I don’t have much to say about this besides it was just so spectacular. I literally was laying on the clear glass for almost half an hour because it was so memorizing to see the city below me, Cars looked like toy cars, people looked like pieces of dust, and buildings looked like little lego bricks. I definitely want to come back to the space needle.

So, what did I make with all this cool info and experiences? My group Logan, Daniel and I made a mini lil documentary focused on Pete Carroll the coach of the Seahawks, Bill Gates, and Dale Chihuly.


Before I blabber about this video, I think you should watch it first!

My group consisting of Logan, Daniel and I was successful, but definitely something that taught me new things. A strong learning experience you could call it. It’s interesting working with people as much of a leader as I, and I think I like it. Having a group where you know they will make good if not better work than you, it’s nice to be able to rely on them. Definitely a group I would like to work with again. Next time, I’d make sure I’m doing as much work as I can because with such strong workers in my group, I didn’t allways have something to work on.

A picture of Isabelle, Adlih and I in the Microsoft building.

Overall, this trip opened up my worldview and I’m so greatful PLP gives me an opportunity like this to learn and experience new things. Everything to the banana stand at amazon, to iFLY, the Boeing Tour, etc… all taught me something without even me thinking about “I’m learning!” I know this experience will stay with me for as long as I can remember because of everything we did.

A special memory I have is having to stay in a room in the hotel with my class to write a paragraph answering the driving question. I know the teachers knew we knew our answers, but where having trouble putting it into words or getting it out of our brain! So, for an hour or two we wrote then showed the teachers then wrote then showed the teachers… This forced me to really dive deep into what I’ve learnt subconsciously while wandering around Seattle. Why am I telling you this? I feel even though staying in a room at 10:00 very sleepy, writing until we have our ideas down  might have not been the most fun thing on the trip but It was definitely an important building block to me finding my focus point for my Pecha Kucha presentation I did in the end of December and the Seattle video.

See you next time on my blog, oh and I love Bill Gates! Bye!

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