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Its MPOL season! Here is the blog where I talk about the goods and bad, and everything in between. Instead of me rambling, lets get into it!

Of the work you completed so far this year, what are you most proud of? 

Me filming for the trailer at lunch time in my house!

Looking back on the past few months, my favourite work I have created has been my book trailer. I made this a few months ago, and it was basically a mini luca project as no one really stepped up in the group. I was okay with it though, as we kind of winged it and there wasn’t much prep… I wrote the script, filmed, and edited. I definitely think this work shows how I can work in different areas of a project, and I’m proud of myself for taking on so much. I had a really strong vision for this project, which was really cool,  This is one of those projects where I am happy to show family and friends and I don’t even cringe once as I’m so happy with the outcome. 


What did you struggle with this term?

I don’t have any pictures of myself presenting so here is one of kai!

I really struggled with with the cray cray unit. We did the en Essay on the driving question, a mini Pecha Kucha, the Seattle video, the sweat room Paragraph and the winter Exhibition. I had never done so many projects on one question. I found myself getting frustrated the closer I got to the end of the term as I kept thinking, “how many times do I have to answer this?” And being like “if they don’t like what I’m saying what do they want?” As I like to say It, I felt I was ‘OVER-LEARNING…” Looking back I understand that we just weren’t answering the question correctly, but I definitely did struggle with just stop being stubborn and getting things done.


What does your work reveal about you as a learner?

Filming for the “CATCH!” Video

From science videos to maker recreation videos, I feel it’s obvious that I spend a lot of time paying attention to detail. It’s the little things that add up to make something good I think. My science “can cousins be twins?” video along with the maker “catch” and “99 cent store” videos are all proof of this. In my science video I made sure everything was drawn with detail, and that the script was clear and made sense. In the maker videos I cared about the lighting in the video, having the exact same font that the original video, on a prop we made etc… I feel this is a odd but helpful skill to have.

The props emily and I made for the “99 cent store” video


What are the goals you would like to set for yourself for the remainder of the year?

Rules of a new math game I made!

I took this pic out of my PGP book, as these are two goals I think are achievable by the end of grade 10. Goal 1 is a goal I’ve had for a while. Ive improved on it, but not mastered it and there is definitely room for improvement. I want to balance my outside of school life and in school life better. I am going to do this by using my calendar that I talk about below, and I recently added a desk to my room which surprisingly makes me get work done way faster. My second goal is to raise my grade in Scimatics. I feel my grade doesn’t represent the learning I’ve had this term, and I want to change that. Theres some sort of disconnect of my work and my grade and I need to find a way to figure it out, but I’m ready for the challenge. 


How I’m staying organized! 

The desk in my room where I work — very important

With these goals I’ve set, specifically the balancing school with outside of school life, organization is really important. Knowing when I’m doing something and how I’m doing it, so I can use the other times for whatever I want.  We were strongly encouraged to try out time blocking and I really liked it, but not the media of it. I don’t like the layout of the calendar app and I don’t like how precise it is. So I took matters in my own hands and found a way of time blocking I liked. I could pretend I like the calendar time blocking so the teachers are happier, but what do we get from that? Nothing. So, I’m sharing the way that works for me.

Last weeks calendar

Overall, this year so far has had a lot of ups and downs. It has definitely been challenging, but I’m happy i’ve experienced all of it. I’ve gotten to use skills I built in grade 9 especially in video making, and got to revisit presenting in front of audiences. I hope the rest of the year goes by smoothly, and I learn a lot. 

My dream board

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