A Letter To My Past Self

Hello! Welcome to my first and sadly last blog post about my Personal Growth Plan. This is a class I participated in this year! It focuses on productivity, the 7 habits of a highly effective teen,  and organization. It seemed a little intimidating at first but after 9 months of it, I can say it affected me positively. To end off this class with a bang, we were assigned the TIME MACHINE project! This is basically an artifact that you would want your past self to see and learn from. So, lets get into what I created! 



I created this short video about what I wished grade 8 and 9 knew. I took the task of a “time machine” quite literally as I did a letter to my past self, but it’s what felt the best to create. While writing the script I put down in point form the main 3 points I wanted to get across, my work environment, organization, and preparation/planning. I wrote out exactly what habits I wish I knew before grade 10, and habits from the two books we read especially “7 Habits of a Highly Effective Teen” stood out for me in each point I wanted to make. I talk about the Habits that stuck with me the most like being proactive, and beginning with end in mind. Through all the books, worksheets, podcasts, and sketches I did connected to PGP, I can honestly say everything I say in the video is genuine. Its not stuff that always sounds good, its not stuff that will give me a good mark, its stuff that actually helps me on a daily basis. 


The biggest thing I walked into PGP with was that I wanted to create a work routine than gets the work done efficiently, and enjoyably. I normally end up with work I’m happy with, but I never enjoy the process I have to get there. Things
like procrastination, late nights, early mornings, busy after schools, etc were all caused from my lack of organization, planning, and not having a healthy workspace. Through all of PGP I took parts and pieces of what I learnt and molded it to my working style, and it ended up with a nice and efficient work routine. I learnt this year that the process of creating is just as important as the final product!


I’m going to lots of work to do in the future, if its school connected, family connected, work connected, it’s always going to be there. So why not create a routine that makes the process as enjoyable as having a great end product? PGP made me get my stuff together and figure out that exact problem, and I can confidently say I believe my video shows that. I’m happy I took PGP seriously, and that I went into it with a drive, because I’m not sure I would have gotten as much out of if I didn’t. 

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