The WinderWow!

Welcome to the world of the WinderWow! This is a product my friend and I created in science class. The goal of this project was to create something that generated energy from either water or wind. No solar panels, and no help from humans to create the energy. We created the WinderWow which is a mini wind mill that can charge up to 7 phones a day! So, heres the video we made to advertise our product!



Heres a classic science class mind map to show some things I learnt!


This project was really challenging as our product had to go through many prototypes, and many revisions. Something I would fix if I was to revise this video would be to fix my wording from watts per day to watt hours because well… Watts per day and Watts per hour doesn’t exist! So, what am I proud of? This is where the circular competencies come in!

REASONING AND MODELLING: I had to thoroughly analyze and apply Scientific ideas to this project as thats what the whole goal if it is! I had to visualize my ideas and use everything I had to make them real. I went out of my comfort zone and came up with an idea (the model magic around the handle) that no one else had done and tested and revised it until it was good.

UNDERSTANDING AND SOLVING: To hand in a project that actually makes sense, I had to understand the science of the project. I did this through taking notes and questioning myself in the beginning of the unit. Here are some of my notes…

COMMUNICATING AND REPRESENTING: In the video we explain why we created the WinderWow, and why it’s important. Through advertising techniques we communicate the message we want to get through in the video! We use scientific vocabulary to make sure we can convince the buyers and our teacher!

CONNECTING AND REFLECTING: I engaged myself in the problem solving this project. An example is when our wind mill wouldn’t move because of the off balance centre, I started testing things we could do to fix it. I tried so many things but the thing that ended up working was adding weight on the end of 3/8 of the propellers!

Overall, this project was fun yet challenging and taught me a lot about something we see everyday, ENERGY!

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