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advertisement drafts

So for the past two months our grade 8 PLP class has been learning about advertising, and creating ads. For this project our assignment was to create 3 different ads, tourist ad, business ad, and advocacy ad about earthquakes. It wasn’t as easy as it looks, we had to do 3 rough drafts so far (I did drafts for drafts so it ended up as about 6 rough drafts for one ad I created.) Here are some separate explanations for each ad.  My ads are in order from top being oldest to bottom is newest.


I changed this ad quite a bit, its not visible in the way of looks but you can see I changed the concept and what I was trying to express through the ad. I didn’t receive a lot of criticism besides to make it more clear of what I was expressing. Today I improved what I was saying on the ad, more clear, shorter, and it makes you think harder. I made four different drafts and here they are.



Throughout the tourist ad process I haven’t changed it too much, because I was very happy with it after 2nd draft. Obviously I fixed spelling mistakes etc but I didn’t change the photos, caption or concept. The feedback I got was one post-it note saying “ad less text”.  It was the first rough draft I had done therefore it was extremely rough, it was basically all my ideas sketched on a picture.



On this ad, the visual side of it dramatically changed. Not what I was expressing in the ad, but the photo I used. I went from a picture with text, to a picture of the business’s product and text. If that makes zero sense just look at the 2nd draft I made and the 3rd draft I made.

Overall, this project has taught me a lot about advertising techniques, for example, how you should not use capitals in sentences, using periods and and turning words like “isn’t” into “is not” to express the dramatic feel.  Also catching the consumer’s eye, and making them interested by using short sentences and colour or blank space.

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