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Edu Blog Challenge – Week 10

*Sad Music Plays….* Welcome to the last Edu Blog Challenge I will be posting. I’m going to reflect on the experience by talking about what I learnt, and what I am going to do with my new found blog knowledge.

I went into the challenge thinking a bit too confident thinking “ha this isn’t going to be a challenge!” Oh how I was wrong…. Each weeks of tasks challenged my thinking and made me try new things on my blog. I participated in all 10 weeks of this challenge, and wouldn’t take it back the time I spent into working on them as I learnt so much. I received more comments than I ever have before on this blog. I normally don’t get any comments … (besides from Isabelle, my mom and Ms Willemse.) But for this ten weeks I had people commenting on my EDU blog challenge posts and my school learning posts.

I enjoyed writing the “your choice!” (Look at it HERE) Why you ask? Well, I’ve had this blog for almost 3 years now and not once written a blog post about a topic I chose. I could have, just never got around to it out of pure procrastination. I got to create a lil video, and talk about one of my favourite summers ever! I’m really happy I  learning  how to add this cool widget and to color text. As this blog is for school, I will continue to write blog posts about anything and everything I do in school! (Maybe even some extra fun posts…)

Thanks to all the lovely commenters who commented, and to anyone who just even read one of my posts, bye bye!


Edu Blog Challenge – Week 9

Task #1: Leave a Comment For Alex!

Hi Alex, my name is Luca. Im a 15 year old student living in Canada. I haven’t worked too much with coding, and I find it quite intimidating. Besides practice, do you have any tips for how I can become more comfortable with using code? Thank you for sharing your story, it’s very inspiring and outstanding! 

Task #2: Try an Hour Of Code!

For this section I got to play a fun game! Its basically a Minecraft themed coding game. Although I’m 15, I still love Minecraft so I chose this one to play. This game is really cute and well made. The little instructional videos for it, and the simple yet cool design of the game makes it fun and challenging (not too challenging but no too easy!) I recommend this game to anyone who is starting out with coding. Play it HERE!

Task #3: Try Some Code On Your Blog!

Switiching between the visual and text on my blog is really easy, but understanding it and using it can be hard and intimidating. Lets give it a go! After doing some research, I learnt how to change the colour on blogs! It’s so easy and makes the blog look so good! L O O K  at this! I used this feature on all the titles in this blog! You can find the link to where I learnt this HERE

Edu Blog Challenge – Week 8

Happy almost December first! Tis the season! For this weeks Edu Blog Challenge, I am going to talk about my Christmas traditions. Before I start I have to mention, winter is my favorite season. The snow, baking cookies, being with friends and family, Christmas morning and everything to do with winter makes me very happy. Let’s get started!

(I made this drawing with the app sketches!) On Christmas Eve I spend the day with my dad and brother. We usually go for a hike in the snow or something along that lines, and then go home to make lunch/dinner. After those two events we open the gifts!!!!! We are Italian so we usually have something Italian for dinner.

On Christmas Day itself, my brother mom and I open presents in the morning. As I am the youngest, I am automatically the first one awake. We go in a circle and open presents one by one together, until there are no more. Then we go to my grandparent’s to see them and have dinner with them. Christmas is a really nice thing to look forward to daily, and I’m really greatful for my family and family being so kind and giving always. To end off this blog here is a photo my mom took of where we live in the winter time.


Edu Blog Challenge – Week 7

For this weeks blog challenge, I decided to make a video with all the clips I took in the summer. After you watch the video I will break down some of the places that are seen in the video. Enjoy!

There is a clip seen in the video of my brother swimming in this pool! This is in a small town in Tuscany Italy called, Vinci! This was the most amazing trip I have EVER been on. I went with the whole side on my moms family and we stayed at a villa in the middle of olive  fields! I spent most of my time in Italy swimming, and exploring the town of Vinci! Fun fact, its the same town Leonardo Da Vinci grew up in. His name literally means Leonardo of Vinci! Overall, amazing trip I would do anything to go back right now!


The next place I will be talking about is Hornby Island! This is a gulf island near Vancouver Island, BC. This trip was amazing, I went to the farmers markets, read books, swam, biked, walked and paddle boarded. I loved this trip. I will be going back hopefully!


Last but not least, Mayne Island. This island is near Hornby Island! I love me some good islands. I went to Mayne with all my best friends, and we slept in tents! Sooooo much fun. My friends in the picture are named Isy, Adlih, and Ivy. I had to stand in the ocean with my phone for this photo!


Edu Blog Challenge – Week 6

DHello blog! This weeks Edu Blog Challenge is all about… SCIENCE! I decided to write about 3 of the tasks we were given. Lets get started!

Task 1: What Are You Curious About?

First, I am going to talk about a scientific topic I am curious about. Freckles! My mom has freckles all over her, and because im her daughter I have freckles all over my face. Only on my face though. Why? How common are they?  These are things I’ve wondered for a while and I want to find answers! Lets get to researching.

Q: Why do I have freckles? 

A: People with paler skin and have less melanin has a chemical in there skin that protects it from sun damage! It does this by reflecting and absorbing ultraviolet UV rays. This causes freckles!

Q: How common are they?

A: 4% of the world has freckles!

Task 3: Video Prompts

Second, I am going to talk a video I find very interesting. This video taught me so much! I learnt we aren’t like Pokémon, we don’t just evolve for the end product. There is much more to it.

This video. shows that evolution isn’t just a thin chain, it is a wide and plentiful with many different living creatures. We evolved from fish! Wow, didn’t know that. The speaker in the video spoke very clear and well which helped me understand more. I cant believe he fit all of evolution in a 5 minute video!

Task 5: Two Truths And One Lie

Lastly, I am going to be testing your knowledge! It’s going to be about the video you just watched. Lets get started!

1. We evolved from monkeys and monkeys only.

2. We evolved from fish.

3. You can learn about evolution in under 5 minutes!

What one is the lie? Let me know what you think in the comment!

Edu Blog Challenge – Week 5

This weeks blog challenge is to talk about your favourite music! I am going to be talking about some of my favorite artists and their best music, and ending off the blog post with a image I made.


This first artist is very close to my heart. Meet Rex Orange County. His real name is Alex O’connor. He’s an English singer  and songwriter who grew up in the village of Grayshott near Haslemere, Surrey. His music is absolutely amazing. It makes me extremely happy not matter where I am or my mood. Some of my favorite songs of his are Nothing, Corduroy Dreams, Best Friend, Grass Stains, and Paradise. (Click the links to hear the songs) Ive seen him live in concert which was….. amazing.


Brockhampton. It sounds like one person, but really its a boy band. Joba, Matt, Dom, Romil, Merlyn, Bearface and Kevin are all very important members of this band. There music is anything but normal, and that’s why I love it. There is something for everyone, softer stuff, more intense songs and so much more. Some of my favourites are SWEET, HOTTIE, MILK, LAMB, and THUG LIFE.  I have seen this band live as-well, and they were great on stage.


Last but not least, Frank Ocean. Frank has been my favourite artist since I was 11. His music is perfect. Hands down best artist I know. Some of my favourites from him are Forest Gump, Self Control, Lost, and Chanel. All of his music is outstanding I can’t even explain. I hope to see him live on day, but he’s a pretty mysterious guy and doesn’t have any social media and doesn’t go on tour. I love that about him as no other artists are like that anymore.


There are so many more artists I love like Tyler the Creator, Cosmo Pyke, Beabadoobee, Billie Elish, Still Woozy, Daniel Caesar, Peach Pit, Kali Uchis, Bon Iver, Benny Sings, Jakob Ogawa, Roy Blair. SZA, and so many more. Music is an important part of my life, im always listening to it. To end off this blog post, here is a picture I made of all my favourite albums .


Edu Blogs Challenge – Week 4

This weeks Edu Blog Challenge is making a game with emojis! The game I decided to make was ”FIND THE EMOJIS!” This game as you can see below this text is a regular picture… But there are 11 emojis hidden in it… The first picture will have the picture with 11 hidden emojis and the second one is the answer key! Don’t cheat! Lets see if you can find all the emojis… It’s hard but I know you can do it! Feel free to zoom in as much as you want.


Found them all? If yes, scroll down to see answer key. DONT SCROLL DOWN IF NOT DONE LOOKING FOR THE EMOJIS!





(Hi empty space)






How many out of 11 did you find? Let me know in the comments! I hope you enjoyed this game. 😊

Edu Blog Challenge – Week 3

This weeks Edu Blog Challenge is to share some images I have taken! I will show 3 pictures and explain why I like them and how I edited them.


I took this photo during Spring Break in San Diego. I like this picture because of the light pastel colors, and the fact its a beach. I always end of taking pictures of people in places  because thats what I enjoy looking at most. I edited this pic on VSCO. The brightness is raised and I added some grain. I also cropped the picture, as this is only 1/3 of the full photo.


This photo here is taken in Florence Italy. My family and I were wandering around the streets and I decided to pull out my phone and take this photo. I like it because the coloring is soft and bright, while the setting is absolutely amazing. I added brightness, grain, and saturation. 


Last but not least, this photo from Hornby Island. I love this photo because the 2 people and dog are silhouettes. The background isn’t a crazy bright color, which helps the people and dog stand out. The photo is also perfectly centered, which I did in VSCO. I also lowered the brightness on this and added grain.