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  • DI Summative Post

    DI, which stands for Destination Imagination, is a tournament where schools around the world compete with one another. Thousands of kids compete to win trophies, show their intelligence, and show their skills. DI isn’t an easy competition, which takes lots of skill and leadership to master.  In the beginning of DI, before I got my […]

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  • Russia Sleep Experiment

    Warning : this post is about a very disturbing story during WWII, so if you don’t like scary stories, scary pictures, and WWII don’t read this post. You have been warned. During World war 2 (WWII) soldiers fought battles during day and night, which meant that they couldn’t get as much rest as they needed. […]

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  • Emoji story

    Emojis chosen randomly for this story:🚄🎥🤚🏼😲😭🍧 Once upon a time… There was a train driver named Derral. Since Derral was a child, he loved trains more than anything in the world. All he ever wished for was to operate a train and help transporting people to their destinations. At school he would work and study […]

  • Blogging Challenge 2021
  • Music

    Piano Welcome back to my blog post challenge .Today I’ll be sharing my experience about musical instruments The piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731) in Italy. Cristofori didn’t like the Harpsichord because musicians had a lack of control over the volume level. He was famous by creating the first piano around 1700’s, when he […]

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  • Hello and Welcome

    Hello, my name is Luca and I’m 13 years old. I’m a PLP student from Seycove secondary school. This Is my Blog wow am I right. It’s where I’ll be posting all the projects I’ll be doing this year and probably until grade 12. I have three siblings which they are all male and one […]