Becoming a PLP Learner

Over many assignments I have learned a lot more about myself. I’ve also learned that when you keep thinking and thinking about the things you like and how they can shape your future, it helps you set goals and plans for what you want your future to be like, although its not always easy to talk about your future. It’s sometimes stressful and worrisome to talk about the future. You never know what will happen next but I think talking about it is important because when that moment actually happens, you wont know what to do. Anyways I’ll go over some assignments and how they’ve impacted me as a PLP learner and how they define who I am.


Assignment #1: Wordpack

WordPack is an app that can process any and as many words as you want and creates them into a shape of your choice and happens to be a very useful and efficiently way of defining your personality. As seen in the photo, it resembles me and shows some of my characteristics, traits, and even interests. For example an interest of mine is TV which is on there. I learned that I was a positive person while completing this assignment because, for some reason, there was so many shapes I could have picked to hold my words but, out of all them, I liked the smiley face the most.


Assignment #2: DreamBoard

DreamBoard was an assignment where you basically draw some of your dreams in the format of the photo. In this assignment, I learned that I have a lot more dreams than I thought because I’ve never truly thought about what I want to do later in life, and this got me thinking about what I want to accomplish in a fun way.

Assignment #3: Laptop Memoji 

In this assignment, I learned how to customize my Memoji in Keynote. When I was customizing my Memoji I wanted to go for something that looked like me but at the same time something fun( hint, hint: the sunglasses). I used the laptop stickers to represent things I like. I learned how to use Keynote a lot better after this project.




Assignment 1 photo
Assignment 2 photo:
Assignment 3 photo:

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