mPOL 2022/2023

mPOL 2022/2023- Midyear Presentation Of Learning 


Hello and welcome to my first ever mPOL! For your information, mPOLs are about identifying your strengths, weaknesses, and how you will be moving forward by reflecting on your learning over the past half year. I will be talking and reflecting on my past assignments over the last semester. I have completed my goals in my grades of an accomplished learner and even a extending learner for the most part of my PLP assignments. 

My PLP Expedition So Far This Year… 

Over the past 5 months I have grown and evolved positively as a PLP learner. Instead of completing unrealistic assignments that I used to have on my to-do list, PLP is almost a simulation of a real life work environment of learning since you work with different people, you work with technology, and you present all your learning.

PGP- Learning Plan

How have I demonstrated growth as a learner so far this year? 

I have stepped up my learning this year by making better learning habits like prioritizing my work ahead of entertainment, such as getting distracted with friends( which every once in a while happens) also another habit I have developed over the past couple months is reading my won work to myself out loud to determine whether it would make sense if I was presenting this to someone in real life, increasing my writing skills by expanding my vocabulary, lengthening my writing, and forming

connections to the real world.

How can I sharpen my Learning Plan to ensure I will reach my learning targets by the end of this school year?

  • I could be a lot more descriptive for my growth plan in humanities.
  • Many of the examples I used on that learning plan are repetitive so I could
  • I can list examples and show evidence to my strengths whether it’s humanities, maker, etc.
  • Next year, I think I will set my learning expectation and standards to extending as I have achieved above accomplished in many assignments.


The Outsiders:


The Driving Question: “How does one’s  worldview shape how we make sense of the world?”.

The Outsiders was a book report we started in early to mid September with Mr. Harris. It was our first major assignment in humanities in which we read the book and were assigned one of six roles between the six of us each week.


What did I do well?

  • I met my goals of being an accomplished learner and even excelled to an extending learner in the assignments of The Outsiders.
  • I completed everything that was required of myself like assignments.
  • I enjoyed the book very much. I was engaged in the plot of the book and there was a immaculate balance between action, drama, dialogue, etc.


What could I have done better?

  • Since I enjoyed The Outsiders so much, I wanted to read through the book slowly so i didn’t miss any key details to the point where i handed assignments a couple hours late.
  • I really elaborated in my writing to the extreme. I should have kept the details more brief where i simply just stated the key facts and information.
  • I should have made more realistic and generic connections in the outsiders to the real world.

Crusades/Middle Ages:

The Driving Question: “How did the quest for power impact people’s lives?”

These assignments were first assigned to us in early November in which we took notes on the Middle Ages then the Crusades and at the end we summarized each of the events with a slideshow.



What did I do well?

  • I think i put a lot of effort into these keystones. I made the slideshows look neat and tidy, used relevant images from Unsplash, but most importantly, accurate information.
  • I was aroused to see how much we have evolved in technology advancement, science, and embracement in culture.
  • I kept the text somewhat brief and incorporated a reasonable balance between text and photos.
  • I met the criteria for a quality learning resource.
  • I received peer critique and illustrated the feedback that i was given in my work.


What could I do better?

  • The way I displayed my knowledge in the Middle Ages and The Crusades was through a PowerPoint and some of the text in my slides blended into the background image, especially in the Middle Ages PowerPoint.
  • I should’ve mentioned more about the aftermath, especially in the crusades since the aftermath was a very crucial element since for example, after the crusades, there was a rising attraction in travel and learning in the vicinity of Europe.
  • I could’ve spaced the paragraphs better rather than having all of it in one paragraph.

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Becoming a PLP Learner

The Driving Question: Unknown


We started these assignments in late September and these assignments were meant to tell a little about ourselves but also to learn new useful PLP skills to use with various apps.  



What did I do well?

  • At the beginning of the post, I mentioned clearly how all of the various skills in maker taught me.
  • I well described the assignment and what i learned from each assignment.
  • I both gave the audience a verbal and visual perspective.
  • I thoroughly displayed all of the evidence at the bottom of the page.


What could I do better?

  • I could have spent a little less time describing the project itself and more time on what i learned from this assignment and also what i could do more next time.
  • I could have displayed the images beside the text so that it’s easier to understand from a visual perspective.
  • I shouldn’t have rambled on so far at the beginning of the post about an irrelevant topic just becuase i wanted to have something down.

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Making Interesting Images

The Driving Question: “How might i use the still image to create and communicate through technology?”

In this assignment, we were assigned by Ms. Kadi to create a slideshow about applying various skills into images and documenting the images into the slideshow. 


What did I do well?

  • I clearly evoked emotion in my images by using lighting, editing, and the image setting.
  • I thoroughly demonstrated all of the techniques/skills in my photos.
  • I didn’t just describe what style the photos were, I also described how to take the type of photo yourself.
  • I created a visually appealing, colourful, and representative of myself slideshow cover.


What could I do better?

  • I was missing a couple more photo-taking skills, that I should have included.
  • I could have had a more relevant slideshow cover.
  • I should have gotten more into depth about how I edited the photos( e.g. lights and shadows ).

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Pandora’s Box

Driving Question: “What does James Cameron’s fantasy world of “Avatar” reveal about our own society?“ 

Pandora’s Box was an assignment where we watched both Avatar 1( 2009 ) and Avatar: The Way of Water( 2022 ). We then proceeded to create a box that represents our visual belief on what Pandora’s Box and finally we displayed our box at the Winter Exhibition near the end of the first semester.


  • I did whatever I could to make my box better so I received a lot of peer and teacher feedback so I decided to restart my whole box and after my second attempt my box finally looked complete.
  • My box had a unique design in the sense that it had a particular paint job but even more so different materials than others at the exhibition because I used shredded paper as natural resources and I also built clay sculptures.
  • My box did not lack detail to the point where my box was packed to the edge even though it was still a medium sized box.


  • I may should have boughten a larger box due to the limited space in the box for detail.
  • I should have spent a little more time on the clay sculpturing since it would have looked less sloppy, more detailed, and overall more realistic.
  • I shouldn’t have baked the clay since I was worried the clay figures would fall apart yet halfway through the exhibition, the sculptures started to crumble into pieces due to the over-baking.


Overall, so far through this year I have accomplished most to all of my goals as a PLP learner. I have met my goal of an accomplished PLP learner to even an extending one. For the most part, all of my assignments I believe that I represented are work that I’m quite proud of. Fortunately I have gotten few revisions so far this year and I hope that continues through the next semester.

A few things I feel I can improve on:

– Time Management

  • Getting ahead on my projects to allow myself more time and not rush through.
  • Be more thorough when reviewing and turning in my assignments.
  • Make better use of the resources around me.

 Anyway I think that’s a wrap for my mPOL so don’t forget to click on my blog if your interested in my school life. Thanks for reading my mPOL!


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