Medium is the message


This was our very first humanities project for this year, it was based on advertising and understanding ad media. The driving question of this project was “How does what we hear, read, and see influence us?”. In this project we first learned about using target audiences, contrasting colours, logos, pathos, ethos and lots of other techniques to help build our ads.

After we built knowledge we started to create ads for our business’s. My business was Arms Reach Bistro, a small local business. You can check out there website here.

Down below I created a slide show showing all the drafts of my ad going from my first draft all the way to the my final individual ad which later we changed a bit and handed to the company. This project took many drafts and I’m very proud of the final product.


Final Ad

This slide show only shows up to my final individual ad but what about our company ad? After a critique from a professional ad designer called Mr. Hepburn we made my final ad into this.


We changed the slogan from “Fresh, Rustic and Local” to “ Start with a delicious drink”, we also changed the font because pharmacy was a bit difficult to read. Other critiques we made were we flipped the photo and put the banner to the other side because Mr. Hepburn pointed out that we read right to left and it’s more appealing to the eye to read stuff on the left side. Lastly we made the banner transparent because the original banner was bit to bold and took attention away from the photo.

Driving question 

Over this whole project we were learning things to answer the driving question “How does what we see, hear and read influence us?”. If you think from a historical perspective when social media wasn’t so widely used, there were way less ads and therefore you wouldn’t be as easily influenced into certain products. Nowadays social media is just a thing that everyone uses all the time. I looked on several different websites and they said that the average amount of ads a normal person sees daily is 4,000 – 10,000 you can read more about this here  and here. This shows that nowadays we are exposed to many more ads then people were in the past and this influences us in many ways, like most people have brands that they prefer and they will tell the world using social media platforms like (Instagram and Tik Tok) for likes and follows. Also a big thing that’s changed is platforms like YouTube and Twitch having company’s sponsoring your favourite streamers and when they tell you to buy this product or download this game, you want to, which means the company has successfully influenced you. We are influenced everyday without really knowing and this project has taught me just how much ads have taken over our lives.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my first humanities project. I’ve had a lot of fun working on this project, so thank you for checking out my blog.

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