Im officially a PLP learner (:


We just finished our first project in maker. This means we’re all officially PLP learners! We had to answer the question “How do I build and strengthen the PLP    learning team?” We made a keynote presentation answering this question and presented it to our parents in our first PLP exhibition. 

For our keynote presentation we had 4 sections to explain who we are as a learner.


Teamwork contract 

 The first was my team work contract. We had to create a piece of media promising to do something to help the team I promised to add 1 idea to each project to help work on my communication.

Physical representation 

 Then we talked about our physical representation. This is something that we created out of random house hold tools to represent us as a learner. I made myself holding a table with little thought bubbles on my arms. The table represented the PLP team and the cup with the foil arms was me holding up the team with my ideas. It was really fun to make this and I think it was a pretty creative idea.

Who am I

For the third thing in this project we had to choose one other assignment from this project. I choose the very first assignment, to make a picture in WordPack ( an app we use in PLP) describing who we are a a person. As you can see down below ⬇️ I have an image of a raindrop filled in with words of who I am as a person. Some of these include an Artist, a learner and a friend.

Big life journal 

The last part of the project we had to choose 3 things from a journal that we have been writing since day 1. The first thing I choose was my dream board. This was made up of lots of images of things that I want in my future. For example a picture of London because I want to live in London one day.

The second piece of evidence I made was my dream staircase. My dream is to start a successful business one day and I made 3 steps to getting there. The first step is to figure out what type of business I want to start, the second step is to take a business class and to learn lots of techniques, and the last step is to create a website to start my business.

My very last piece of evidence is my jar of awesome. This is just where I wrote down to things that I feel I’ve done awesome at. The first thing was getting better at my communication. I feel like I’ve been doing really well with my communication and I’m proud of that and my second thing is that I’m getting better at reflection. This is mainly due to PLP but I feel this could be useful in the future.


My YouTube video

How do I build and strengthen the PLP learning team?

This was the driving question on the project. I feel like I strengthen the PLP team with my good ideas even if I’m hesitant to say them. This is a good goal to work on and I think knowing this could really help me in future projects. I’m really proud of this project so thank you for reading about my first PLP project.

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