Radical Renaissance!

The Renaissance was the start of an inventing age. Ideas bloomed from the old to create new innovations to change peoples lives. My triptych consists of three panels to show how these new innovations and ideas changed throughout time. In my left panel, I represent the new innovations of the Renaissance and their new effects. In my right panel, I represent how life was with the traditional ideas before the Renaissance. And in my middle panel, I show how some of the innovations from the Renaissance have evolved into modern day society.

For my left panel I represent how by creating the mechanical clock, the printing press and eyeglasses, the renaissance world was changed by the adaptions and the effect these ideas had by further influencing new ideas and inventions. They were able to change their lives by using new ideas to change their lives for the better. The mechanical clock influenced the idea of organizing time and using it to their advantage to make the most of the day. The printing press was used to create more books so spread knowledge quicker and easier to inform the public. And eyeglasses were a crucial development because they furthered the invention of the telescope and microscope.

For the right panel, I tried to show how some of the traditional ideas, such as writing out new books and using sundials for time, were found effective to those using them because at the time these were the new ideas changing the renaissance. They knew that they could write out books by hand to create them for other people to read. Sundials were so crucial because the started to influence everyone to work at the same time and plan out there days. Although these ideas were not as beneficial to modern day society as those in the renaissance, they did help influence the beginning stages of some of the more well-known innovations.

My centre panel represents how ideas from the renaissance have effected the world today using innovations such as the clock, the printing press and the eyeglasses because in modern day. You can see how the have evolved into ways to organize our lives and time, how the printing press has involved into electronic printers and how glasses have evolved to be used in different formats to help a variety of people. These are just some examples of how different innovations have evolved with the influence of modern society to help change our world to make it better.

Whether or not these Renaissance ideas are believed to have influenced the world for the better, it is very clear that these ideas have created a large amount of change. These changes started out before the Renaissance before they were evolved and reinvented to create something better. Nowadays these innovations have become more common and helpful to fit modern society.

The most difficult section of the project to create was the actual product. Learning how to actually edit my face onto paintings was extremely difficult. We searched to find paintings that looked similar to ourselves that were created in between the 1300’s to the late 1600’s. I had already tried to use Superimpose X before so I understand some of the basics. After I understood how to create new paintings, I focused more on adding new innovations and their modernized versions into my different panels. I thought that this project was in between being easy and difficult. I understand certain sections of our project and I was able to create the final product much easier than with other sections. 

I enjoyed the learning we did on the Renaissance. We got to think about how new innovations from then have affected modern day society. I investigated into the actual creation of each innovation and how they have evolved over time. We learned new techniques about creating helpful, investigative notes to improve out learning. 

If I were to think back on my growth throughout the entire project, I would focus on how many new techniques and skills I’ve acquired. Because we mostly used Superimpose X for editing out photos, I’ve learned so many new ways to edit photos. Our driving question was “ How did ideas from Europe and Asia change the world?”. My answer was “New ideas from the renaissance have changed the world because of how they affected change in the renaissance and how they have evolved into new versions of themselves to be used in the modern day and how they are used daily to change the world for the better.” 

Do you think I answered the question?

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