Spring Exhibition 2023!

Something that I’ve learned in PLP is to be on my toes at all times. We just had our spring exhibition which went really well including the fact that we found out a week before about it before it happened. 

I was assigned the business Astoria Column in Astoria, Oregon. A couple weeks before we went on our trip my group decided to do research on our business. We learned about the history behind the creation of the column, the story behind the cartoons, and the different activities there. 


When I got to actually do my interview, I learned a lot about the techniques Astoria Column uses to try and get new visitors. They told us how there website is there way of attracting more people and spreading the news. They wanted an Ad that would attract new visitors and bring back other visitors. The colour scheme that they wanted  was navy blue and white to match the logo and the colour scheme on the website.


I thought that creating an ad would be somewhat easy. I was extremely wrong. When I made my first draft I thought I had started making a really good first draft. I would like to say that I had a momentary lapse of judgement. After lots of reimagining, repositioning, and changing fonts I finally ended up with my final advertisement. I put a lot of effort into it and worked really hard on following my design principles. I was really excited to move forward to the exhibition. 

Booth & Set up: 

For the exhibition, we had to get into our business groups and create a booth to represent our business. Our main idea for Astoria Column was to stick to the colour scheme of blue and white to create unison with our advertisements. We made a ton of paper airplanes to create a game to represent the balsa wood airplanes that you can fly off of the column. Our other big idea was for focused around our food and drinks. We served small shots of rootbeer and ice tea to represent Lewis & Clark’s favourite drink, which was whiskey on the rocks. Our other food highlight should have the full credit given to Parker, who stayed up until 11 pm making ice cream cone cupcakes. It’s a genius idea because when you turn them upside down they look like mini Astoria Columns.

Exhibition day:

I have to say that I’m extremely proud of how my group worked together to create our booth set up. I think that we really brought our ideas to life and worked really hard to show everyone what we’re capable of creating.  It was obvious that we put in a lot of hard work and strived to put forward our best foot to the public. It was great to see how well every group worked together to bring life to all of our booths. When I was walking around I could tell that we all felt a great sense of pride with the work we accomplished. 

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