Humanities blog post

At the beginning of this new project when I heard that we were going to read The Outsiders I had already read it so I thought it was going to be easy but we did not just read the book, we did movie posters and different tableaus. At first we learned about worldview and adult world connection were we did a worldview mind node and you vs who character analysis. We then watched the movie version of the book were we had to write on a sheet what was different and the same as the book. Then we got into are tableau groups here are my group members you should visit there blogs:

                         And then we made our individual movie posters. Mine is at the end of this blog post. We then picked the best one out of our group and added the feedback that we got from showing the poster to the class and we added that feedback into our new poster. After all of that we finally started on our tableau scene. The scene that we got was Dally getting shot dead. We decided that Charlie was going to be a lamp post, Sofia and Hannah were going to be cops, me and Owen were going to be greasers, and Judah was going to be Dally. In our scene Dally gets shot then me and Owen run to his aid and are very sad. Charlie is a lamp post because Dally dies underneath a lamp post and we thought that was important. We also had to make the same scene but in 2021 so instead of the cops shooting Dally they help him. In the book Dally robs a store and then gets chased by cops and pulls a gun on them, and the cops shoot him. Dally robs the store to get the cops’ attention and wants to be killed because he couldn’t handle Jonny’s death. In our 2021 scene the cops help him instead of shooting him. We had to make props for our skit so we made the road that Dally dies on and we also made a small cop car. Over all this was a fun project to do, and I enjoyed reading the book again and working with my group in making a tableau scene, and I can’t wait until the exhibition tomorrow night.

The night of the exhibition we started setting up and making our bushes for our white board. And then Judah arrived and we started to practice our scene and lines. We then went downstairs to eat pizza before the exhibition started. At the start of the exhibition it was going well but throughout the night it was hard to maintain the same level of performance as the night went on and we got more tired. Here are some photos of us setting up.

What can The Outsiders teach us about worldview?

I think that The Outsiders can teach us about society and values. Society by showing us Ponyboys house, we’re they live and working hard for money and that shows that they do not have much money. Which brings me into values because of lots of reasons like Ponyboy went to the rumble just for Jonny, Darry and Dally work hard to get good and healthy food on the table. See you for the next blog and thanks for reading.

This is my group movie poster:







This is my individual movie poster:

Reflective learning

Hello, this is my blog post for Carr. In this mini project we learned how to use Sketches Pro and all about different drawing techniques. Here are some of them: shading, perspective drawing and sketch notes. My favourite was the last one using colour reflection where we talked to a real designer Chloe Devine and we asked her some questions and she showed us some of her pieces. Then we designed our own logos (mine’s at the very end) and the person who used symbols the best would win a paper like screen protector. 

I think we learned about Emily Carr because drawing is very important in your daily lives whether your are doing sketch notes or designing a building.

This is my logo for the company that I made; it is called Forever Outdoors and we sell outdoor stuff and our slogan is “If it’s outdoors it’s in stores” and below the logo is a name drawing that I did.