Scimatics design challenge

This scimatics project we had to design a object using shapes the driving question for this project is “how can we design a object to optimize its shape”. We then had to find out the surface area and volume which is difficult for some shapes because the formulas are very difficult. Here are the formulas

. See what I mean. For my object I first wanted to design a shed but then I realized that I needed more shapes, so I added a chimney and porch and now it was a tiny house. 

The hardest part about this project was standing up in front of the class and present your shape. I really don’t like doing this but one of my goals for this year is to expand my communication skill so I decided do do the presentation right away to get it over without, but because of that my presentation wasn’t that good it was rushed, quiet and I didn’t have great eye contact with the crowd. My goal remains the same so if we do another presentation I want to put even more effort into making the presentation and practice more.

This project was fun I liked it because I like designing things here is my shape.