Lego stop motion

The year is 2022 Jon a professional lego race car driver is racing for the championship it looks like its going to be a clear win but wait he slips he flips over oh no he’s going to lose he brings his car into the pits he fixes it in record time he’s back out on the track. Jon passes  everybody and is now in second place he comes up on the Ferrari he moves to the outside lane and passes him Jon wins he his world champion once again. But wait it wasn’t real, a child made it. Magnus kauko and makai roka made it the worlds best film designers. magnet and makai where challenge by warriors studies to make a video. Makai and magnus decided to make their video a stop motion, Lego race and they succeeded meeting the thirty second criteria and jam packed full of many details. Magnus and makai won the minds of warriors studies.

This is are stop motion video


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