Who do I want to be

In this project I had the opportunity to interview my grandpa. I chose my grampa becasue I look up to him. He is a very successful person he has 4 kids a wife and has many grand children that love him a lot. He also achieved all his goals in life. I admire my him because he didn’t get every in life handed to him he worked hard on the farm as a child to a adult to get to where he is today. 

I interviewed him over a zoom call becasue he was in Costa Rica he lives there half the year because the cold in Manitoba makes his arthritis worse. Which is smart it reminds me something I learned in a ted talk it said “dont let what you cant control hold you back” he used his problem solving skills to fix somthing that was causing him pain. 

I learned many many things from my interview. Here are my top 5 most important things: 

1. Having a good mindset through life. My grandpa says that when he’s approaching a hard challenge that having it open good mindset will make going through that tough time a whole lot easier. on the topic of having a good mindet it brings me back to the new year new me project it’s beginning of the year in that project we talked about how important having a clear head is and strategies that you can use and stuff like that so I’m really seeing the connection of a successful person using these strategies.

2. Leaving the past behind. He talks about how leaving the past behind you is one of the most important things that you can do because there’s absolutely nothing that you can do about what’s in the past and all it’s gonna do if you keep thinking about it is gonna weigh you down so you have to forget about it and keep moving forward. I like this idea because it really made sense to me and in the past I have gotten overwhelmed by what has happened in my past and I just keep kept thinking about it, and all it did was make everything worse.

3. Having a reason> I asked him the question “what keeps him motivated in life” and he said they’re always needs to be a reason that you’re doing something. So when he was working really hard when he was younger, trying to support his family, he kept thinking that if I don’t do this, I would be letting my family down. So my take away from that that I need to have a reason to do something so I’m motivated to complete it.

4. Role models. When he was growing up, he was really motivated by his grandpa because his grandpa was a very hard worker and a very smart businessman and I guess that made me realize that I’m kind of like my grandpa because I’m looking up to him just like he did to his grandpa. 

5. People. I asked him the question. “ what was the moment that tested your values and how did you overcome it?” he responded by saying he has left many friends behind and has gotten many new friends because they were waiting them down and they didn’t agree with him. My take away from that is even if you think you’re really good friends with them you might have to leave them in the future in order to become the bigger and better person.

All of these things are really important to me becasue I believe that they will make me a better person. To answer the question of this project “who do you want to be?” I would say I want to be a responsible and respected person among all my fellow, friends and classmates or coworkers, just like my grandpa was. I would also like to be a hard worker and not have everything handed to me in life. 

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