Seattle 2024

Seattle 2024, the driving question to this project is “why does it take a crazy person to change to world?” my answer to this question is in the essay below. Keep in mind this is the first part of this blog post hence why it is so short, check back in later for more.

Here is my essay I wrote on why does it take a crazy person to change the world.

Why  does  it  take  a  crazy  person  to  change  the  world?

Frank  Gary revolutionized  the  building  of  creative  structures. Frank  Gary  took  a  leap  construction  buildings  with  a  creative twist.  that  had  really  brought upon  mixed  feelings  about Franks work.  Frank  went  against  the building  norms  to  create  things  that  where  seen  as  crazy.  That’s why I think he is a true crazy one.

  Climate  Pledge  Arena, Arenas  are  a  major  producer  of  waste  they  go  through  thousands  of  gallons  of  water  every  event.  But  the  climate  pledge  arena  took  a  big risk  by  transforming there  arena  to  be  fully  carbon  neutral.  They  took  a  big  risk  on  something  that  really  has  never  been  seen  before  on  that  scale.  They  also  focus  on  trapping  rain  water  and  using  it  in  on  the  arena  ice.  They  use  low  flush  toilets  to  help  maintain there  environmental  impact. Fun  fact  they  have  the  greenest  ice in  the  NHL.

  Wright Brothers,  the  wright  brothers  risked  there  lives  in  order  to  prove  that  there  invention  really  worked. I believe that if you believe in your invention enough to risk your life that is a true act  of crazy.  They  literally flipped  a  coin  to  see  who  would  fly the  plane  first.  The  wright  brothers  had  a  crazy  unheard  idea that  started  one  of  the  biggest  travel  industries  in the world and thats  why  I  think  they are  apart  of  crazy  ones.


This  experience  has  inspired  me  to  become  a  more  creative  person.  For  an  example  I  want  to  become  a  person that  puts  more  of  a  creative  twist  on  things  to  make  my  work and  my  life  become  less  boring.  This  trip  also  inspired  me  to be  more  myself  because  everybody  who  we  looked  at  who  was  successful  they  didn’t  care what  other  people  thought  of  them. 


Thanks for reading part one see in a few weeks for part 2.

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