Tpol 2024

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

Welcome to my TPOL 2024 in this post I will talk about some of my favourite projects, my strengths and struggles and I will explain why Im ready to move onto the next grade.

Let’s start by talking about my strengths and weaknesses. The ones I will cover in this post will be: seeking help, accepting feedback and work/life/school balance.

Im going to start of talking about work/life/school balance. Now this is the first year that this was a challenge for me because I now have a job lots of school work and a personal life that I have to take care of. While I’m very exited that I have a job and I can start making My own money it also adds a lot of stress on me. It ends up working as I chose nights that I dont already have things planned on and I always make sure to get my school work done before I go to work. Im also getting to the age were I hang out with my freinds late at night and is often sleeping over at other peoples houses. So I’m always making sure that Ive completed everything that needs to be done before I go out. An example of me using this skill is in the most recent exhibition I had work the night before and hockey the day before that so I really had to plan out my schedule well enough so that I could get everything done. This skill also tags into another skill that part of the table in showbie is preparation outside of school. Now this used to be a big problem for me as I never had the focus to do any work. Throughout my high school years I have been getting better at this. Especially now that I have so many responsibilities outside of school and school work is super important I always have to be on top of things. I still feel like this skill can become even stronger than it is now and it’s always Been one of my goals to do work at school not just PLP work but also math and science.

The next skill I will cover will be “Accepting feedback”. Now this skill is super important especially in PLP and I’ve never been the best at Accepting Feedback as after I hand something in I like to think that I dont have to do anything with it again. But this year I have really been trying to accept feedback so my work can be the best that it possibly can. One area where I used this skill is on my last project which was a book creator on sports in Canadian history I was always taking feedback in and adding it to my book, doing this made me super proud of my book and it has quickly become one of my favourite projects I have created.

The last skill I will cover is seeking help. This skill has been one of most worked on skill throughout my PLP life it has always been talked about through my Mpols and Tpols. I can finally say that I have completed my goal of asking for help when I need it. I created this goal back in grade 8 to help me become a better and learner. I used this skill heavily during the last project in humanities when we had to make a book creator. I often asked Mr Harris for help with my colour pallet and design I would also ask my freinds for feedback although it wasn’t very kind helpful or specific.

This was my final draft for my book cover after lots of revisions.

Some of my favourite project this year include: Chasing the Canadian dream, peas in a podcast and back to the future if you want to see more about these projects I have made a separate blogpost about them. I liked these projects because they aloud me to express my creativity in ways that I enjoyed doing and they also aloud me to get out of my comfort zone. For example peas in a podcast had me make a podcast about bikes that the whole world got to see. Im pretty introverted so this project was very scary for me at the beginning, but then towards the end, they realize that it was fine. It’s these types of projects that really allow me to grow and become a better learner/person.

This is the cover of my podcast one of my favourite projects this year!

I think I’m ready to move on to the next grade because Im able to produce work that meets the standard while it may not always be the best that I can do I’m always open to fix my work habits in order to become a better learner. I’m also a valuable group member I bring many skills to the table while being super freindly and supportive. Overall I know that I’m ready for grade 11 and the challenges that it will bring me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, see you next time.

Here are some photos I took this on the PLP field study:

Climate pledge Seattle
Mpop Seattle
Seattle space needle view
This is not from the trip but I thought it was important it is the memorial I made for rock climbers that died because they where trapped in rocks