The great west

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This blog is all about the driving question: How the Geography in the west shape who we are?

The first thing we did in this project was an amazing experience. We travelled around Alberta and we learned all about the west. Our first stop was to check out the last spike. The last spike is pretty self-explanatory, it was the last spike driven into the CPR. It was really cool because you could actually see the last spike in the railway because it was painted gold. At the end we had to make a book about geography in the west and the last spike was the first topic. We then had our first over-night stop at a motel which was really nice and it had a water slide and pool that we spent most of the night in. After that we stayed at hostiles for the rest of the time except for the last night which we spent at the three valley gap hotel.

As we went along our trip we took notes of every stop we went to and later on we would use those notes for things we forgot about. Our trip was lots of fun and I hope we get to do it in the future. Our first real assignment was to answer questions about the physiographic regions of canada. For the trip there was one group that went first an one that went second. We called them field study 1, and field study 2, I was on field study 1. While we were away the other people worked on the same assignment first and when they were away we worked on the assignment. And then when we got back together we shared information about our trip. Then we started our books. It was a book that had about 25 pages explaining the answer to the driving question but we had to answer it a different way. For instance if your book was about the economy of the west your question would be something like “How has the Geography in the West Shaped Economy. Then you had to make a comic life about the 5 themes of geography which are, human-environment interaction, regions, movement, place, and location. Then you had to add a photo that explained evidence to the 5 themes of geography.

This is my final copy of my book and it answers the driving question:

 How has the geography of the West shaped who we are

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