January 17

No Escape!

Todays post is about the mysterious black holes (holes… holes… holes…) sadly this post is gunna be smaller because we don’t know that much about black holes but here we go..

every black hole has something called the “event horizon” as soon as anything goes past this line theres no going back. You get sucked into the middle and all you’ll see is the light of far away stars slowly start to warp and bend around the horizon event of the black hole

here’s a chart of the parts of a black hole!:
That should help make more sense of what I said

alright until next time! Bye bye!!

Posted January 17, 2022 by Jupiter in category Geek out blogs

2 thoughts on “No Escape!

  1. charlier

    Hi Jupiter, i like your post, I just wonder if there are any more concepts that have to do with black holes, as, when i was younger I had an obsession with space, i remember a concept called “Spagetthification” and I’m just wondering what that was.

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