January 4

Why am I glowing?

Winter exhibition.

So we finished our projects and held an exhibition to show off what we made. The grade 8s made what they called “Pandora’s box”. The obviously better grade (grade 9s) made videos of a theme and how it relates to James Camerons “Avatar”. My theme was religion and beliefs so i made a video about different religions and the Na’Vi’s religion.
(Oh yeah here’s the video if you’re curious vvv)

The exhibition was super fun! Our engaging activity was face painting so we took shifts painting peoples faces. Some of the grade 12s liked the designs i did so they kept asking for me to paint them. Some of the face paint examples (people could mix and match)
Of course Whats a blog post without the reflecting… the ways I probably could have improved during the exhibition were being at my station longer than the face paint station. I also could have been more productive with making my video since I waited till the rough draft due date to start editing and filming b-roll. I definitely could have done a better job on answering how avatar is connected to some real life themes. Overall I think I did okay on this project but theres lots of room for improvement thats for sure.

Here’s some other photos I could find of the exhibition:

A mountain banshee I made

The snacks of course

I drew the mountain banshees too

My friends 🙂

That’s it for this post, my next post is most likely my mPOL. Until next time, bye bye!

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