Hey Everyone! Hope you are all having a great break!
Today I will be reflecting on my first PLP Exhibition!

I will kind of be dividing the parts of it on the timeline, like I’ll be speaking of what happened in chronological order, like planning our boxes, setting up for the exhibition, etc. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The planning for it started in late November after we wrapped up the Geek Out Blogging Challenge! We started off by learning about the launch cycle and making our launch journal. After that we made theme statements and started planning our boxes out. My first theme statement was on racism, but I wasn’t able to come up with a very good idea for my box therefore I changed it to be on culture/spirituality. So my statement is:

What does Avatar teach is about culture?
It teaches us that due to bonds their ancestors have forged there over the generations, living things can feel a sense of affinity to particular locations.

Anyway, as we started planning out our boxes, I had a very vague idea after I ended my culture theme statement. All that I really knew was that I wanted to use fairy lights to make my box stand out. I eventually landed on the idea of replicating the lighting from the Tree of Souls (the neon tree underground on Pandora) with the intention of giving the Na’vi a sense of home, but since they aren’t real, it is to educate people on what it would be like to be amongst the tree itself since it’s a big part of Na’vi culture.

The issue after that was what to do on the outside, I ended up with a basic design of black and purple lines (credits to caelum for helping me with them).

On the exhibition night itself, it was pretty fun. Setup started off a bit rocky since our room literally had every other room’s stuff, so we had to wait a while before we could get started, but we ended up pulling it together. Also, I got to stand for 5 straight hours without being able to sit on the floor since I knew a teacher would sense that I was sitting on the ground and come to tell me not to.

Reflecting on the Driving Question:
“What does James Cameron’s fantasy world of “Avatar” reveal about our own society?”

It reveals so many things about our society, and the sad thing is that all the things are true, such as the lengths people will go to just to put money in their own pockets. Or how people will take anything from anyone without a care in the world.

Now enjoy some photos of our room!

This was our room just after 3.

This was the tonic water from our food table.

This was a part of our room around 45 minutes before the Exhibition started.

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