Hiya Everybody!

This was the first Humanities project of semester #2! The project was with Ms. Madsen!

Unfortunately, we were only with her for 1/3 of the project due to her having medical issues; the other 1/3 was with random substitutes; and luckily, for the last 1/3 of the project, we were assigned a temporary substitute who stayed with us for most of the time that Ms. Madsen was away.

Going into the actual project, it was about European exploration and historical accuracy, and we did some learning on the Vikings. Something we learned about them were some stereotypes about them. For example, they weren’t actually called Vikings! They were never called Vikings; we just called them that because of the word “vikingr,” which means “pirate” in old Norse. In reality, they had many names, such as “Northman”, or “Norseman”.

We did quite a lot of note-taking during the project; I liked that because it gave me practice taking them. Though I did miss some information at times, it was okay since I added the info later because the things we took notes on were accessible to us from the internet. It was also difficult to keep up with the information that was being given to us sometimes, though I will get better at taking notes with practice.

We also learned about early European explorers, such as Christopher Columbus. Our end product for it was our travelogue, which was basically a story we wrote with added images. I did have some trouble deciding what images to add, and I wish that I had added more since I am a big perfectionist and 5 was the minimum amount required. Though I’m happy with my final product, check it out below:

Overall, this was a very fun project for me. Have a nice day, humanoids!