Hello everybody, today I will be talking about our last Humanities project of Semester #1, Let’s get Riel!

Throughout the project, we learned about Louis Riel! He is an extremely important figure throughout Canadian history, especially when it comes to the Métis people and their fight for recognition and rights. Along with learning about Louis Riel, we also learned how to improve our writing! The end product of this project is a Multi-Paragraph Response to our driving question:

How has the portrayal of Louis Riel changed over time?

For me, this was a bit of a difficult project. Since I am not the best at writing, this project definitely helped me improve my writing. Since we had a lot of opportunities to practice our writing,  we were introduced to paragraph structure.

Learning about paragraph structure really helped me create my Multi-Paragraph Response as it helped me know when my paragraph should start and end. Here’s a part of my Multi-Paragraph Response from an earlier draft along with the evolution of my response:

Along with improving our writing, we obviously learned about Louis Riel as well. We learned about his part in the Red River Rebellion, his provisional government, the creation of the Métis Bill of Rights, and much more.

This short project focused on the competency of analyzing, as this project heavily involved research and analysis. Examples are when we analyzed some of the statues of Louis Riel and compared how each statue portrayed Riel in a different way, along with specific word descriptions. Another example is when we analyzed specific words using Frayer layers, which helped us gain a better understanding of the chosen words. Such as ambitious.

The reason we learned this is because Louis Riel is an important figure in Canadian history, as he is one of the few who fought for the rights and recognition of the Métis. Along with how this was an amazing opportunity to further develop our writing skills. 

In the end, I enjoyed the project, as it gave us a chance to learn about a historical figure along with events related to Louis Riel. When we also learned about ways to improve our writing. Thanks for reading!