My favourite thing to geek out about is Star Wars! Specifically the Clone Wars.

Lets start off with

The Clone Wars: Why It Matters to Me

In my opinion, the Clone Wars have most people’s favourite characters, such as Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, etc. They are all in their prime. One of my favourite parts of the show was when they had episodes in the Senate, where political movements are discussed and decisions are made.

Though most people skip the episodes about the Senate, those are some of my favorites. such as the episode where a party is seeking to stop the production of more clones and try to peacefully resolve the war between the Republic and Separatists.

Then a member of the party trying to stop the production of clones was poisoned. They suspected it was from a member of the opposing party, but it ended up being the dead member’s apprentice who murdered him.

The funny part is that on Disney+, the episodes are not in the correct order, so we actually saw the poisoned member in the background of another episode. If you’re interested in watching the series the right way, here’s the actual guide.

How to watch the Clone Wars properly!

That was fun, another thing I would like to speak about while I still have you is the genius behind Palpatine’s plan to destroy the Jedi Order.

It was simply genius the way he damaged the Jedi Order and made it almost impossible to rebuild and regain the same volume it once had. Because at the start of the Clone Wars, the Jedi had the option of either sitting out the war or betraying their values; if they sit out the war, the citizens will believe that they do not care about them, thus damaging the relationship between the civilians and the Jedi.

So the Jedi just became commanders and generals and joined up in the Clone Wars. Throughout the three years of the Clone Wars, this changed the way the Jedi thought. For example, Palpatine wasn’t wrong about the Jedi taking over because they discussed temporarily taking over the Senate. though that would be until they find a suitable replacement.

The Clone Wars showed time and time again how the Jedi lost their way. Barriss Offee had a point on how the Jedi had become villains in the conflict. She said the Jedi became an army fighting for the dark side. Then, with the majority of the Jedi gone because of Order 66, Palpatine claims the Republic as the first Galactic Empire.

Anways, thanks for reading! (Star Wars is still better than Star Trek Ms Madsen!!)

To end us off here is a photo of a Light Saber I drew! :)


We are now at the end of this geek out, so its reflection time!

The process of making this blog was very fun for me. I found this different because I blogged about something I was particularly interested in. I would say that the fact that this didn’t exactly seem like school work influenced my writing and made it more positive.

Creating this page about how geeky I am about Star Wars was very fun, and I hope to do it again. The hardest part of this for me was picking a second topic; after three different ideas, I finally settled on talking about Palpatine’s plan to destroy the Jedi because it is a good topic to cover if this is supposed to be about how geeky I am about Star Wars.

The easiest part was writing about the first topic, on why the Clone Wars matter to me. It took me maybe 8 minutes to reach the minimum of 150 words. I will definitely post more to my blog in the future, not just because I have to. I will also post to my blog because I enjoy seeing my blog fill up with posts about my 5-year journey in PLP.

(Star Wars is still better then Star Trek Ms Madsen!!!!!!)