This land is us project

For the first blog post of this year I will be talking about about one of our most recent projects. This project was about how place effects us. The first thing we did in this project was getting the driving question how does place effect us which led to an introductory assignment on how place specifically effects ourselves. For this I made a mind map with four categories weather, Healthcare, Deep Cove, and Wilderness from those categories I listed some ways those things effected me for example under weather I put used to the cold because Vancouver tends to be a pretty cold area so as you grow up you slowly adapt to the heat/weather.

After we finished that we started our next milestone where we had to write a paragraph about an article we read except there was a catch we were in groups of four and each person was given a lens for example mine was political. The article my group read was an article about the pipeline and making more jobs. I liked the article my group was assigned because it was political and that was perfect because that was my lens.

The next things we did was get the groups that we would have during the Alberta trip for me that was Jude, Angelo, and Alex. We also got our peoples groups which basically means the specific group of people you would be interviewing about how Alberta effects them. For example my group got Albertans so we had to ask Albertans about how living there effects them in different ways. Another thing we had to do for this was pick lenses to use when interviewing I picked political. After we got our groups and peoples we had to start planning for the trip by making a trip planning sheet. The planning sheet was so we knew what we would need to do while in Alberta and so our teacher knew we knew what we were doing.

By the time we had finished our planning sheets it was time to go to Alberta which was hard due to the fact we had to get to the school by 6:30 which meant getting up at 5:30 so I could make sure I had everything I needed for the trip. After having a shower collecting my bags I left for the school. When I arrived I was met with the news that I was in the van which from experience can either be a blessing or a curse so when I got in the very back seat and there was tons of leg space I was like 🥳 and it was that way for around maybe like 3 hours until we had to pick up one of our teachers and bam 💥 no leg room but enough with that. after that we went to lunch and stopped at the last spike which was interesting after that we went to the three valley gap where we would be sleeping the night but first we would have to film a video for our maker class but I’m not going to get into that. Before I talk about what we did next I would like to talk about something I forgot to earlier which is the daily note what we did in the daily note was each day we were given a question to answer for example what are you most looking forward to. Now I’m going to skip to the really important part of this trip which were our interviews our first two interviews were at a market where we talked to a very nice man named Bernie who owned a farm we also talked to a younger man who worked as a a brewer for a gin distillery the next guy we interviewed worked at a ski resort that we visited who was very interesting the final interview we had was with a nice lady who worked at the world’s largest dinosaur.

before I finish off with the trip part of this blog post I just want to talk about a few highlights. One beakerhead I really enjoyed beakerhead because it’s all about science and art my favourite exhibit/art piece was one where it tracked your movements and made like a digital copy of you. Another thing we did was beaker night which is like the bigger brother to the beakerhead event we went to the night before and if I’m being honest it was better mostly because it was a lot bigger of an event and there were sculptures that could breath fire.

once we got back from our trip I had two things I still had to do for this project edit and revise my video and finish my now late daily note the daily note was the easiest thing I had to get done where as the video took longer because we had two do a draft before our final video. Overall finishing the video wasn’t too hard even though I ended up procrastinating on some of things we had to do for it.

in conclusion I think this was a great project and overall I learned a ton whether it’s how place effects people or about dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrell Museum I can’t truly say this was a great learning experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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