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For this blog post my first PGP blog post of this year I will be talking about a trip you took recently in which we travelled to Alberta. In this blog I will be talking more about the fun things we did during this trip but if you would like to read about the more work side of the trip you can find that here. Before I talk about all of the fun activities we did in Alberta I think I should talk about where we spent a big majority of our time on this trip which was the bus/van. In my opinion out of the two options the van was my favourite because even though it could be cramped at times it was much more comfortable than the bus and a lot quieter. Although that doesn’t mean that the bus was bad it’s just I would prefer the van. For this post because I have already talked about some of the things we did this trip I’m mostly just going to talk about some of the bigger things in more detail. Overall in this trip some of my favourite activities we did happened when we were in Calgary for example one of my favourite things we did was beaker head/beaker head spectacle . To start I’m going to talk about beaker head which is an art event that happens every year I don’t know if it’s like this every year but this year it was in a library and had around 6 or 7 different art pieces including my favourite a motion tracking one where using a Xbox connect and a highish powered pc the artist took anyone standing in a certain area and converted them into different cool things. Another cool piece of art was one of the artists took a projector and an actor and literally projected her art on the actor who had to stay still for hours which is pretty insane in my opinion like just imagine have to sit still for hours on end I mean I couldn’t do that. Overall I think beaker head was super fun and very interesting also I forgot to mention it was right beside our hotel which meant when you were ready you could go back to the hotel so you could either go after an hour or like three hours which I thought was pretty cool. The second fun thing I wanted to talk about was beaker head spectacle which in my opinion is like the bigger brother to beaker head and by that I mean instead of around 6 or 7 art insulations there were like 20 which is a big step up also instead of being held in a small closed library beaker night was held in this huge area which I can’t really explain so here’s a photo.

One of my favourite things I saw at beaker head spectacle was this huge dragon thing that could breath fire I would explain why that’s so awesome but I’m pretty sure the awesomeness of that is pretty self explanatory so here’s a photo.

Overall I think beaker head spectacle was fricken awesome I kinda want to go to it next year if I can. In the midst of all of this fun stuff though we were working on two kinds smaller projects one was a video and the other was a kinda journal thing called our daily note where each day we had to answer a question our teachers gave us. Just before hand I would like to say I am not going to go into to much detail into each of these things but if you would like to read about these in more detail go to my last blog post here. Thinking about how I worked on those assignments now I see there are a ton of ways I could have improved for example when it comes to the daily note everyday we would get around fifteen minutes to work on it then we would go off and do our activities for the day which seemed perfect until We did it for the first time and I daydreamed for about 13 minutes and then didn’t work on it at any other point in the day which was stupid because there was always tons of other points in the day when I could have worked on it. In my opinion I think The reason I didn’t work on it at any other point was probably distraction for example when I got back to my hotel room after we were done for the day I would mess around with my friends get ready for bed then watch Netflix and sleep what I should have been doing is messing around with my friends getting ready for bed but instead of watching Netflix I should have been doing my daily note and I think if I had done that it would have made a big difference. The video on the other hand I don’t think was the worst although while I’m on this topic I think I could have made my questions a lot better beca basically all of my questions were on the topic of the pipeline which was and still is a big topic in Alberta although it would have been better if I had more diversity in my questions.

Overall I think there was some big ways I could have improved on my projects but other than that it was a super fun trip and I learned a ton.

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