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When we first started this project it was our first project in PLP and we were told that we were going to be making an advertisement for a local business here in Deep Cove. On the first few classes we were put into our groups for this project and learned a lot of stuff about advertising that I did not know about. After we started learning most of the basics and were settled into our groups we got to know what business we were going to make an advertisement for, and my group got DCM also known as Deep Cove Music. 

During this project around the middle of it, I was making multiple ad drafts by myself before we made our first group draft so I one of my drafts turned out better than I thought. It wasn’t perfect so that’s why we didn’t use it and I could have changed a lot to it. This was just one of my drafts but I liked the drawing I used in it

One big thing we were doing when we were learning about how to make an ad was something called the Design Principles Workbook. What we did in it was we each got the same digital workbook where each page shows an example of advertising then the page after it we had to make our own ad draft for our business using the same style of the example that we were given. I found that after doing this when we were making our individual ads, it was a lot easier to make it because I had learned about the different styles of advertisements.

At the end of the project me and my group came up with our final ad for Deep Cove Music and this is how it turned out.

In my opinion it looks pretty good and I like it but also if we had all of our group members at the time to work on it I think it could have been a bit better. I never heard if DCM liked it a lot but I hope they did because we all put a lot time and work into this whole project. If they like it or don’t like it isn’t the most important thing because this is a school project so it is supposed to benefit my learning and knowledge and it has for me.

Here are links to my group members blog’s so you can see what they said:





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