New Beginnings: New France’s Construction

Construction of New France, In my latest project for humanities I learned all about New France and how it came to be. I missed a lot of this project and had to do most of it from home but I will reflect on everything I did. To start off the project we did what we normally do, look over the project and see what we’re going to learn. The next part is where I had to start some work by writing down as many notes as I could which really helped me out for the project. You can see some notes I did here.

After I was done learning the general stuff I got to pick my topic of New France for the project, I chose construction and the building of New France. I took some notes also about my topic to help me which are here. I didn’t do that many notes but it was enough to help me with the project.

Once I picked and researched my topic, we went on a walk near Myrtle Park to practice our photography skills some more and get some ideas of what we wanted to do with our final project. After we had some photos taken we chose 1 to edit for a practice of our final project. We edited the photos how we wanted them with different settings and we added some symbols and text to it to show and explain your topic. You can see my basic photo and edited ones here.

By the end of the second week I did a weekly reflection (I missed the first 1) of what I had learned, did, and need to do. I missed the other ones so I was only able to do 1 so here it is.

After all of that I was away for a while so I missed some other assignments and 1 or 2 weeks later when I was still away, I started on the final project which I had to do all at home. I finished the last 2 assignments together and handed them in close together, now I’m at the end of the project writing this, showing and explaining everything that I did. Here is the end and here is my final project.

(Slide the white bar in the middle to see positive’s and negative’s of the construction of New France)

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