My Team Contract Page

Hi, this is a page which will explain all about me and how I will work with my new PLP team. First you should know some stuff about me, most of the stuff I do in my free time is reading, drawing, playing video games, and watching tv. I really like to hang out and do stuff with with my friends most of the time. One assignment that I have done recently is me as a Memoji and it also says a lot about me with the stickers I use on the laptop.

The stickers I chose all have a reason like I put a raccoon which is my favourite animal, the book represents that I like to read, I put the Netflix logo because I like to watch shows and movies on there, I put a Apple Pencil for drawing, and I put 2 drawing that I have done not that long ago.

One more recent assignment that tells a lot about me is a user manual. If you have ever bought something and it came with instructions, we made this but for ourselves and we explain it like we are a device.
These 2 projects I did were individual but I have and will be doing a lot of projects in groups and in order to that, we all have to contribute something good to the team. As I said before this page is about how I contribute to my PLP team.

When I am in a team, my main goals to contribute to the team are to give out the ideas I have, communicate well with my team, and respect my other team members. So far in PLP we have been assigned to table groups which we do most of our work with and at the start we were ok at completing our task, since then we have improved and I have improved a lot mainly with communication. Right now I can communicate my thoughts and ideas well instead of just keeping them to myself. Another thing I have improved with my table group is not just giving ideas, but also doing stuff instead of waiting for someone else to write something down or present something.

To answer the main question “how do I work as a team?” In my own piece of creative media, I did a quick and simple drawing of 3 people working together, bringing there ideas together to accomplish what we need to because I feel like that is how I try to work when I am in a group. This also shows everyone equally doing the same amounts so some people are doing a lot more work than others.

This is the end of my Team Contract Page which goes over in many ways 1 big question that is “How do I work as a team.” I went over some stuff about me, what I do well and try to do well when I’m in a team, some of my previous assignments, and a drawing to answer the question.