Becoming a PLP learner.

Who am I as a PLP learner? 

Well, the both of us are about to find out. 


My user manual. 

At the beginning of this project I thought it was a bit strange but I turned out to enjoy it. While creating my user manual I got to explore and try out different things on the app pages. Like most of the apps when we first started pages was unfamiliar to me, but after a few trial and errors I got the basics down. 

Another thing about the user manual is getting to know your self better. I know it sounds strange but sometimes you get that moment of realization and just go “I didn’t know I could do that. 


WordPack is one of the assignments I enjoyed because of how professional it ends up looking. Just like the user manual the WordPack helped us learn a bit about our selves. It was the first project where we really got to show who we are. It was fun and creative and overall a awesome project.

My laptop Memoji. 

The laptop Memoji was fun and easy to make and it showed the developing ability’s to use keynote. In this we were able to show off what kinds of things we like and our personality’s. It was a fun and creative way to display my interests. It was simple and didn’t take much time but I still liked it.

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