The winter Exhibition 2022

Creating my box. 

When I first heard about the project I had a few ideas that would work in a box. After drawing each one out I chose the one that worked the best. At first I didn’t love the project idea, after having my teachers re-explain it I thought it might be fun. Making the box wasn’t extremely difficult but it was very time consuming. I burnt my hand a lot with the hot glue gun and it hurt. My box turned out pretty great in my opinion and it was fun to present, overall the box making was pretty fun. 

The Winter Exhibition.

The morning of the exhibition was a bit difficult because we had to edit our decorations as well as changing the room name and our outfits. The exhibition itself was really fun because we got to present our box’s and see other peoples presentations, leading up to the exhibition was stressful though because everyone in our group was very limited when it came to the supplies. Another thing that was not to fun is that we didn’t get to talk to the grade 10s and 12s that were in our rooms until the day of. In the end it all worked out and I had a good time. 

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