Reflecting on power play.

Hi! A little while ago Humanities 8 did a project called Power Play. This is my reflection blog post. 

About the project:

This project was about the feudal system that was used in medieval times. The feudal system was what was used instead of currency but it was also the order of power. The classes projects were going to be sent to the English class of one of my teacher’s friends. It was a fun project that had another project included in it.

The other less prioritized project that followed was the crusades. It was about the nine wars that were fought between the muslims and the Christian’s over the holy land, mainly the holy city of Jerusalem. There wasn’t a specific blog post for the crusades reflection so I thought I would include it in this one. 

The reflection, Good vs. Bad: 

For power play we made a slideshow showing the different elements of the feudal system. I think that slideshow was very well made and met all the standards that it was required to. The presentation was good, the photos and drawings were good, and the content was displayed in a way that everyone could understand it. It was a useful learning resource and thats what it was intended to be. Although I am proud of the work I wonder if I could’ve fit more information in. 

The crusades slideshow was into meant to be a learning resource and was just for the eyes of the class and teacher. Even though the slide show showed an accomplished understanding of the material we were learning I know I could’ve done better with the layout and information provided by the slide show.

In the end it was a fun project that i think went on for a little to long but I did enjoy it.



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