Mpol 2022/23

We are now halfway through the school year! How exiting! Now all of the PLP program has to do their MPOL (mid-year presentation of learning.) The MPOL is focused on reflecting on your first terms work and seeing how I can improve for next term and grow as a learner. 

The first term went pretty well and I think most of the grade adjusted to high school decently. It’s certainly a different experience than elementary school especially PLP because we do things different than the mainstream students and teachers. I picked a few projects that needed some work and a few that I think went pretty good and I will be showing them to you on this post. 

This is my blog and it has been a project that I have been working on since the start of the school year and I will post on it until I finish high school. There were a few posts that I think showcases me well as a learner and some that were not my best work. On my blogs homepage there are two other pages you can go to. One is labeled geek out and the other is labeled about me. 

I think both these pages are what they were supposed to be and showcase my learning, although I think I could’ve done better on my about me page because it is very basic and not to exiting to read. Going into the second term I plan to make my blog post more exiting to read and intriguing because my previous posts have completed the criteria they were bland for the most part. One of the posts that I enjoyed writing and I think other people would enjoy reading is my making interesting images post.

This is the link to making interesting images.

The next project I’m going to tell you about is actually a smaller part of a big project. The outsiders was one of the first projects that we did and I believe we started it in late September. I did complete the majority of the project as it was supposed to be done but there was a role card for the reading part that I know I could’ve done better on.  

 rushed this specific task and it just ended up looking that way. 

Power play. Power play was one of the more recent projects that I did and I think it was a good representation of well done work. Power play was a project that did learning about the feudal system and the order of power back in those days. It was very interesting to learn about how people lived so long ago. I’m very proud of this project and I think it is some of my best work so far. Since humanities is two subjects (socials and english) I have it this term and next term so I’m wondering if we will do something similar, I don’t mean a similar project in the way of the content that we will be learning but I mean it in the way of the style of project. 

Here is the slideshow. IMG_0883

The follow up to the power play project was the crusades project which we finished right before winter break. I’m just going to straight up say it, it was definitely not my 100% best. It met the criteria but I know I could’ve done so much more. I look back and I can see places were even the smallest change could’ve helped so much. I thought I was trying my best at the time but even a few weeks later I know how much better I could make it. 

The user manual. The user manual was a project that I did simultaneously to the big life journal project and I enjoyed creating the user manual. The user manual was the first project I did in my class called maker. It was a great introduction project to get us all exited about the rest of the school year, or at least the term because unlike humanities it does not continue into semester two. The project was only a few days but it might be the most fun project yet. In the post I did about it I say that it was a great way to learn about yourself and while I was not wrong I think the best way to do that is compare your work today to your old work and you can see how you are changing.

I’m looking forward for lots next semester, especially science. I don’t particularly know lots about science but I’m exited to see what I can learn and do in science class. I’m looking forward to having humanities last block so I have time to wakeup before class and its not the first thing I do In the morning. I do love what my class schedule is like right now but it will be fun to have a change.

Well that concludes my MPOL and I hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing 

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