Consequences of colonization

Consequences of colonization 

For this project there was three keystones. Each keystone focused on a different part of colonization. We did these keystones to answer the question “what did colonization mean for all involved?” 

For keystone 1 we had to wright an art chart describing what we knew just by looking at the image we chose for the project. The image I chose was a drawing by C.W. Jeffries called The relief at Fort Vercheres. 

For keystone 2 we had to reinterpret the drawing we chose from a different point of view (that point of view being the first nations point of view.) I reinterpreted mine to have a pile of iriquoi body’s to show that the people at Fort Vercheres were actually the bad guys and not the good ones.

Keystone 3 we made a AR video (augmented reality) using the original drawing beside the reinterpreted drawing and explaining the difference. Over all I think it was a very fun project and i hope to do something like it again.

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