Avengerms Assemble- My take on The Immune System

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Today I am going to be talking about my favourite subject Science! For our first project we learned about the innate and adaptive immune system. We talked about the different cells that keep us safe such as the white blood cells, B cells, Macrophage, antibodies, and my personal favourite the T-Cells! Throughout this post you will get to see all of the different activities that we did. As always enjoy!


The first project that I will show you is our first expirement that we did. We made a field journal that answered the question “How do we interact with microorganisms at school?”. We had to make a hypothesis and then to test them we went around the school and swabbed different places and then rubbed them on the agar in our Petri dishes. Over the span of a week we took pictures and observations on how the bacteria and microorganisms grew.

Enjoy the slides!

Character Cards

Now moving on to the Character Cards or my Anvengerms! The next thing we learned about was the innate and adaptive immune system, so for the project we had to make character cards for each cells. I made mine the Avengerms so each cell was named after an avengers character, for example the macrophage is called hulkrophage. This was one of my favourite projects because we got to draw! Here are the character cards:



Vaccine Poster

For the third keystone or project we were with groups and we had to make posters about vaccine theorys and wether they are true or false. For ours we discussed if vaccines cause long term affects and if you read the poster below you can find out! This was a fun twist to work with partners so that was fun I also love to make posters.



Immune System Poster

Lastly let’s talk about the final project which was to make a kids health poster that will actually be posted around the Elementary schools in our Neighbourhood. This was so fun because we got to make a fun catchy phrase and educate kids on their immune system. As I said I LOVE to design posters so this was so very fun. Without further a due here is the poster:

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