Hello again! Today is a little continuing on my post Photos, everywhere! However, its a continuing on the project at school rather than the post itself. In my last post I talked about how I edited photos to make them, funny, comical, or just adding y own touch. This time we were supposed to do portraits. They could be of yourself, your family, friends or anyone else. We were supposed to do at least 1 self portrait, one portrait, and a before and after of an old photo. Check down below to see them. Make sure to comment and check out some of my other blog posts!

Above you can see the photos I took with different kinds of lighting, a cool angle, or just a self portrait. I really liked experimenting with cool lighting because it gave the photos different meanings and gave off a different feel. The angles were something that I thought was really interesting though, because it made you think of different ways to convey things through your photos.

This slideshow was a photo walk that I did ranging, from photos just from walking home, when I went hiking, or just walking near the pier. This was really cool because each of the photos of the different places were taken at a different time so it’s a little hard to compare. The photos from when I walked home from school was taken from 3:20-4, the photo from the pier were taken after 5 and the photos from the hike were taken in the morning. The theme in all of my photos, though is nature that is polluted by humans, so in every photo you can see evidence of human contact.

The before and after photo was probably the hardest thing to do for me because my family moved once and most of my photos were of places that are hard to go back to. Also, my mom didn’t want her face shown on the web, and didn’t like the idea of any of my other family members, on the web either. In the end, I wasn’t allowed to.

This is so far my most favourite project because I like taking photos. To finish this post I will leave you with a few photos I took just for fun.