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An Asian invasion!


January 2019

Explain everything

Today’s blog post will be all about my world view and some of the things that affect it. This was for a school project about worldview. It eventually leads to an inquiry on religious world view and how they effect… Continue Reading →

Pound and Grain!

Pound and Grain is a amazing marketing agency that I got to go to for a school trip. This is where we learned about advertising and we got critique on our Ads. Hi guys! It’s Meg here to talk to… Continue Reading →


Hi guys, this blog post will be talking about Mpols which is something that you do in PLP during mid term. This is like a self reflection that you do and talk to your teachers and parents about so that… Continue Reading →

Winter Exhibition (part 2)

Hi everyone! This blog post will be the 2nd part of my talk on the winter exhibition, check out my earlier blog post Winter Exhibition part 1. For a recap, I am talking about an Exhibition I did in school… Continue Reading →

Winter Exhibition (part 1)

Hi everyone! Today I am talking about a Exhibition I did in school just before winter break. In the exhibition we presented the learning we had done for the past 4 months. This Exhibition was only for students in a… Continue Reading →

Recommended, Hell yes!

Hi guys, sorry for not posting for a while, I am back! In this post I am talking about whether or not I would recommend the Blogging challenge to other people for week 10 of said blogging challenge. The answer… Continue Reading →

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