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An Asian invasion!


June 2019


Hi guys, this post is all about Tpols (Transitionary Presentation Of Learning). If you remember my earlier post on Mpols,  you’ll see that it was me reflecting on my learning during around the middle of the school year. This is… Continue Reading →

Colonizing in a tempest

F75A6A4A-6BFD-4E14-987E-CF4CEBE4D1A2 For school, we did a project called colonizing in a tempest. This was where we used tableaus to show our understanding of the historical significance of colonizing to answer our driving question; How can we use Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”… Continue Reading →

Time Machine

Hi guys, Today I am talking about something I made that is called a time machine. This was for a school project where I had to make a product that I would send back in time to my younger self… Continue Reading →

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