Hi guys! Sorry that it’s been awhile. Today I will be talking all about my newest project about place! I went on a 9 day trip to Alberta to try and answer the question; How does place impact who we are? Before I begin, I would like to say that the view there and the scenery is amazing! But I won’t be talking about it as much in this post. Instead I will be talking about how I made a video about how artists are impacted by place.

Are project was to create a video that answered our driving question through the eyes of our specific group. Mine was artists. Before I could make this video though, there were a few things that I had to do first. The first thing that we did, was create a creative something, whether it was a poem, a song, a short video, a drawing, anything, about how place impact us as individuals and the role that place has played in my life. Then we continued to do that except rather than make it about ourselves, we looked at how place impacts other people. I decided to write a paragraph reflection on how Bison are effected by the reintroduction project in 2013 through a social lens.

And just like that, we were off! Going on a 9 day trip, 216 hours, 12,960 minutes! That right there, is schooling at its finest. Now, while we were on this trip we had to do something called a daily note. This was basically a daily question that we kept in  kind for the day and wrote a reflection on at the end of it. I really enjoyed this because it helped narrow my focus a little to make me understand the kind of shots that I wanted to take. By this I mean that every photo or video that I took on the trip, could be used in my video. This means that everywhere we went was an opportunity and that 5here was really no room for slacking off.

One of these places that I went to, that 8 personally really enjoyed was an event called Beakerhead. Beakerhead is an event that focuses on combing and expressing science and art. This for me, was a jackpot. The place was full of amazing art and artists and I got to see some amazing things. For example, I managed to get in a few interviews with the people there. The day we went was for the “ Spectral Illuminations”. This was literally a light show of art, and since we went at night, it was absolutely incredible!

Finally, I had enough materials to create my video. This took many drafts and a lot of consideration. I had a time limit for my video but I had a lot of information to fit into 4 minutes. After many hours of working, getting feedback and improving my video I finally came to a product that where I answered the driving question, and that I am proud of. So without further stalling, here it is!