Hi guys! Welcome back. This is week 3 of the blogging challenge, and this weeks topic is very interesting! This week is all about how to use photos properly. So I decided to create this poster that you all can use as reference when using photos online:

This shows you how to use photos legally and talks a little about how these things work.
Next we were told to make a few of our own images keeping these rules in mind. I found that this was defiantly very fun! I used an app called SuperimposeX and plain photos editing to make these photos;

Finally I decided to write a poem from these photos that I found at pixabay.com.

The dark of night is near

and the shadows move to hide their fear

the sun moves a little closer, we all will hold our breath

the silence then surrounds us in a world that’s not like ours

no sound can pierce this place

no light will change our ways

we look up with eyes clouded by long hours and long days

finally the time has come and we must look away

we can’t look without a filter, just like modern day