Hi guys! Today I will be telling you all about my Alberta trip that I went on! This was the trip that I went on where I was making my video. You can learn more about that in my earlier post.That post was very specific to the assignment, now I get to talk about the trip.

We went from Vancouver to Alberta to Calgary making a few stops on the way. My top favourite places that we went to would probably have to be Beakerhead, The Worlds Largest Dinosaur, a Buffalo Ranch, and Lake Louise. That isn’t to say that the other places weren’t great, the view was absolutely stunning!

For those of you who don’t know, I am in a program called PLP  which is a project based program that uses iPads in order to do our work. This means that we are in charge if managing our time so that we don’t get distracted. This also means no gaming. Not to say we don’t have games on our iPads, as long as we can control our impulsivity we’re ok. Now, on this trip we always had something to do so I didn’t really have to worry about gaming as much except for one place. The bus. There were times when we were on the bus for hours on end so I would be lying if I said I didn’t game at least once. However, there were also pictures to take and sadly, homework to do.

Each day we were given something called the Daily note. This was where we were given a question at the start of the day that we had to think about and find a way to answer by the end of the day. This was what usually occupied my time during bus rides but sometimes I finished early or I got too carsick to continue. So in the end I would take a break and somehow end up gaming for the rest of the ride.
One more thing that I had worked on for a lot of the transport time was something called the “ Ghost Town video.” One of our first stops that we did was a ghost town. This means that I had the rest of the trip to work on the editing and most of the time that was done on the road. Shoutout to Malaika, Thomas, and Anthony who worked with me on the video.

The main focus for this trip was to manage our impulsivity and to be aware of what is going on. As I have mentioned earlier, I definitely still need to work on the impulsivity by maybe setting reminders and going other work so that I can be ahead of the game. Another thing that I could’ve done was planned ahead a little more, saw which stop we were going to and make a list of some more shots that I can get. This ties into the other focus, which was being aware. If I had been more on top of looking for learning opportunities I think that I could have done better in my video and learning overall.

I would like to stress the fact that we had a busy schedule so while we were actually at our destinations you had to be aware and attentive or we could miss important details. I took lots of photos and videos too so that I could find things that I could use for my final assignment. All in all I had a great time and I highly recommend it if anyone plans on going!