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An Asian invasion!


November 2019

Week 8! The end is here

Hi guys! Today is officially the last week of the blogging challenge. This year was a lot of fun! My favourite challenge would have to be week 5. I really like music so this gave me a chance to rant… Continue Reading →

Term 1 Is Over! 😯

Term 1 is officially coming to a close and though that means that we are closer to the winter holiday, it also means that report cards are coming up. Report cards mean grades and grades, mean reflection. That’s what today… Continue Reading →

Week 6! Emoji’s!

Hi guys, today we are talking about emojis! I made a few math games so feel free to try them out! Write the answer in the comments if you figure it out! easy: 🌴 + 🙉 = 6 🙉 +… Continue Reading →

Feeling festive?

It is currently November! And you know what that means? Christmas is coming! Hi guys, today I will be talking about the holidays. Now, my family isn’t actually that big in celebrations but we still have a lot of fun…. Continue Reading →

Job shadowing!

Do you want to know how I did that? Hi guys! Today I will be talking about a really exiting event; Take Your Kid To Work Day!!! (Or Job Shadowing for short). This was basically where instead of going to… Continue Reading →

Revolutions! Cause why not?

Welcome back! Today I will be talking about a 6 week long project that I have been working on. In school, we were studying revolutions and in groups, we made 4 videos of our choice. We were doing this project… Continue Reading →


Week 4 is all about freedom. The freedom of choice. So what do I do with that freedom? Write about buttons of course! Let’s not question it. So let’s get into it! What Are Buttons? I’m sure that you are… Continue Reading →

Music!! Week 5

Hi guys! I am so excited for this week because it focuses on music. I may not have mentioned it but I love music. If you read my about page you will find that I love singing too. On top… Continue Reading →

Causing Correlation!

Today is officially the first blog post that I will write for math! Even though I say “math” I think that this is actually a pretty interesting topic that we looked at. We were learning about something called correlations. This… Continue Reading →

3,2,1, RUN!

Hi guys! Today we will be talking about a really cool and some what tiresome project that I did for school. You can see the final product above. Our goal was, with our group, to recreate a short horror film… Continue Reading →

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